About us


Dirk Stephan Margotte, with more than 18 years of experience as optometrist and in the field of eye-care and eyeglasses, started as optometrist with large retailers before
opening his own shops focusing on high quality glasses and designs. After selling his
shops to his business partner he now fills the gap for people looking for something
special! In Jan. 2006 he started “Margotte-Eyewear” by designing his own eyeglass-collection.

The specialty of the hand-crafted high quality eyeglass collection lies in its design and
production method: “Margotte-Eyewear” focuses on an eyeglass without any bolts or
screws, without laser or welding seams and frame joints. It’s made out of one piece of
high quality stainless steel – combined with different designs and forms to fit all the
needs of its user.

The “Margotte-Eyewear” collection is made in a process of chemical etching or
cauterization, only using products which are environmentally friendly. All bending,
sandblasting, paint finishing, lens assembly and quality checks are handmade in Germany. All materials used are produced in Germany and the entire production process follows a strict set of high quality standards.

Using a special steel and protection finishing/coating combined with medical silicone
tubes we are able to offer an almost 100% allergy neutrality.

All customers receive the eyeglasses including a quality certificate made of the high-tech stainless steel. Included in the package one will find the form lenses made of the same material and the exact same size of the original frame after production.

Next to the original “Margotte Eyewear Collection” we are working on two new products, which will be an advancement in terms of design and therefore round up the newest series of “Margotte Eyewear” products. All products can be delivered with “Golf-temples” (Golf-Earpiece/Sport Earpiece), which can be adjusted according to needs.

visit us: www.margotte-eyewear.com